Turi, a machine learning startup acquired by Apple

Turi, a Machine Learning Startup acquired by Apple
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Apple in continuation of acquiring small technology companies, have acquired a machine learning and AI startup, Turi. Turi is acquired for unconfirmed amount of $200 Million (as per Geekwire).

Turi initially known as GraphLab, was earlier named Dato as well. Later, due to trademark infringement case filed by Datto, a data recovery and back up services, they renamed it to Turi.

Turi provides machine learning and Artificial intelligence platform to developers, data scientists, enthusiasts. They have made products which helped developers to create Fraud Detection System, Clickthrough Predictions, Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Engines, etc.


Image Source: Techcrunch

Turi which started as an open-source project which later received funding from Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) of $ 2Million with which they started GraphLab. After which they have raised to close to $25 Million till last year.

On the other hand, Apple is busy acquiring small technology companies like Perceptio, VocallQ, Emotient, LegbaCore etc., out of which Perceptio and VocallQ are similar to Turi as they both also focus on Machine Learning and AI.

Turi is expected to remain in their current setup and work towards expanding their work. Apple can really encash with expanding its personal assistant Siri and getting some new innovation in the market which people expect to and are waiting for to give them something new and innovative.


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