Here is what to expect from Apple’s iPhone 7 event!

Apple iphone 7 event

One day to go to the Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event on 7 September, and its rumors are flying for it’s most awaited product iphone 7, from wireless charging to a screen with built-in Touch ID to the removal of the iconic home button. It’s also believed Apple is going to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack and add a 256 GB storage option and new color finishes. Here is what to expect from the event

 Iphone 7

  • Launch date:Apple will launch two new iPhones in September 2016 – invitations have been sent out for a press event on 7 September, while a respected leaker predicts it will go on sale on Friday 16 September.
  • Physical design:
    The iPhone 7 is likely to get an extensive physical redesign after the largely identical iPhone 6/6s generations. It’s likely to be thinner than ever: removing the headphone jack would be one way to help achieve this, forcing music fans to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, or headphones that connect via the Lightning port, or an adapter.
  • More Memory Space: 16 GB is going to be history now. The base model of the phone will now be offered at 32 GB instead of 16 GB as it was the standard in previous iterations. Higher tier models will feature 128 GB and 256 GB variants.
  • Color Variations:  According to latest leaks, the iPhone 7 will be offered in five different colors. The current silver, gold and rose gold variant will be retained; however, the space grey variant will be replaced by a ‘Dark Black’ version and will also feature a ‘Piano Black’ variant. The Piano Black device will have a glossy finish and the supply will be limited as Apple might want to restrict it to higher storage options.
  • Dual Lens Camera: The dual-lens camera will have a wide-angle camera and the standard telephoto sensor. Both sensors will be 12-megapixels and their combination will offer optical zoom functionality. It will also have ‘light field camera applications’ which means there will be Lytro-style refocusing after a picture is taken. The camera will also have four LEDs for flash which might give out better colors. The four LED flash will feature two warm and two cool for imaging purposes.
  • Water Resistance:Here is what to expect from Iphone 7
    The misery of dropping your iPhone down the drain could soon be over as the latest rumors suggest Apple’s next iPhone could be completely waterproof. According to a report in the China-based Commercial Times, Apple is working on a new “compound material” that repels water for use in its forthcoming iPhone. The phone will feature IPX7 water resistance which is the same technology used on Apple Watches.
  • Technical Advancements: The new A10 processor is capable of clocking a speed up to 2.5 GHz which would be a major upgrade over the A9 used in the current generation of iPhones.

The Apple Watch 2

Apple watch 2

The most reliable rumors say that Apple will introduce a second-generation Apple Watch at this event, its first true refresh since the original was introduced last spring.

What we know about the new version can be summed up in a handful of words: faster with a GPS.

Though Apple is said to be planning a future version of the watch with LTE support, battery concerns are still keeping it out of the next-generation version of the watch. For internet connectivity, plan on keeping your phone around.


The good news is that we’ve been seeing plenty of rumors about new Macs for a while now, including a redesigned MacBook Pro with an OLED touchscreen bar across the top of the keyboard instead of traditional function keys. The CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and other components that Apple would need to update nearly every single Mac in the lineup are all available, including new Kaby Lake processors for the MacBook that was updated back in April.

Aside from the MacBook Pro, the hardware in the most dire need of an update is the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini, and the Mac Pro. Rumor has it that the MacBook Air, which was last redesigned in 2010, would be retired, replaced by the Retina MacBook at the low-end and a thinner, lighter 13-inch MacBook Pro at the high-end. But the Air reportedly has at least one more refresh left in it, and Bloomberg says that said refresh could include USB Type-C.

Now let’s see what surprises Apple’s iPhone 7 event has in store for us and how much of the speculation will actually be true.

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