Try Bagel ! A smart measuring tape to keep a check on your body measurements.

Try Bagel ! A smart measuring tape to keep a check on your body measurements.
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In the era where everything is going smart, here comes a smart measuring tape called Bagel. It helps you measure, analyse and organise measurements digitally.

Bagel comes with 3 types of measurement modes along with Voice Recording feature and has mobile app connectivity to transfer data.

Measurement Modes:

Bagel comes with 3 measurement modes: String Mode, Wheel Mode and Remote Mode

1. String Mode- String mode is useful while measuring any curved object like human body measurements. In this mode Bagel can measure up to 3 meters.

Advantage- It is a strong and flexible string. It is made of Dyneema string which can hold up to 112lb.

2. Wheel Mode- this is the best mode to use when users would like to keep his/her one hand free. It is good for measuring distance or curved surface, in this mode it can measure up to 10 meters.

Advantage- Rolls on any type of surface and quick to measure distance.

3. Remote Mode- Remote mode is best mode to measure areas which are difficult to reach. It has Ultrasonic sensors in built so that all user needs to do is point the sensor at the area or object and it will measure the distance using laser and will inform user the distance between the user and the object. It can measure up to 5 meters in remote mode.

Advantage- Built in Laser pointer which helps to accurately measure the distances both horizontally and vertically.

Using Bagel is very easy, all user needs to do is select one of the measuring mode then using voice command to save the measurements then you can either send it to your phone or store in the internal memory. Once the data is sent to phone, use the Bagel App to organise the transferred data.

Key Specifications:

  • Storage Capacity: 32 Mb
  • Battery: Lithium-Polymer Battery of 500 mAh which can last upto 24 hours.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Material: Casing- Polycarbonate; String- Dyneema
  • OS: Compatible with Android and IOS
  • Display: OLED (128*64)

Key People:

  • Soohong Park: Founder and CEO
  • June Park: Designer
  • Myungjong Kim: Hardware Engineer
  • Dave Byun: Strategy & Finance
  • YoungPyo Jeon: Market Developement

Bagel Labs has currently listed Bagel on Kickstarter. The product was listed on 29 June’16 and has 30 more days to raise funds. They already have ~2700 backers with the pledged amount of ~ US $292,000. Bagel is already into production and deliveries will start in November’16.

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