The Basslet by Lofelt: game changer wearable for music lovers

The Basslet by Lofelt: the Game Changer wearable for music lovers
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Ever imagined a device which can send music beats and bass directly to body with the help of vibrations as per the music? A German startup Lofelt has just done that with their new product called ‘Basslet’.

Basslet has the looks of a wrist watch and works as sub-woofer for body which can send beats for Music, Gaming, VR etc.

It has a frequency range of 10 to 250Hz and has a playback of 6 hrs with one time charge.


How it works:

To understand how it works, let us split it in 2 parts:

Part 1: Sender- it is the device which connects to your device, be it smartphone, playstation, music player, VR device or any instrument which has 3.5mm jacket. It has USB connectivity for charging.

Part 2: Basslet – it is more like a wrist watch which user needs to strap on wrist and it connects to sender through LoSound engine.

Once the sender is connected via 3.5mm jacket, vibrations of the music played, which can be as low as 10Hz, will be transmitted to Basslet. It has a tiny subwoofer attached to it which transmits vibrations through user’s wrist to the body.



Currently it is listed on Kickstarter and is looking for funds from people who want to be the consumer or the 1st set of users to experience the product.

Expected price is £129 and the team plans to start shipment by December 2016.

The project had a goal of raising £50,000 and it has already raised £81,276 with the help of 683 backers, with still a month to go.

Each box of the Basslet includes:

  • 1 Basslet (Black Edition)
  • 1 sender (that also works as a charger)
  • 1 charging cable (Micro USB to USB)
  • 1 additional strap that fits larger wrists
  • 1 quick start guide

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