Bioo: Environment friendly technology to charge Mobile Phones

Environment friendly technology to charge Mobile Phones - Bioo
image source: indiegogo

Arkyne Technologies, one of the specialists in renewable energy, telecommunication hardware, videogames, Artificial Intelligence among others, have come up with Bioo, a pot for plants which uses plants photosynthesis process to generate electricity.

The process can be used to generate enough energy to charge mobile phones. It allows 2-3 charges per day and has electrical production throughout day and night. It also allows user to choose any type of plant, soil with automated irrigation system and H2O purification system. One device is available for EUR 89 to 120 and can be ordered here.

As per Pablo M. Vidarte, CEO and other team members of Bioo, it is one of the most environment friendly technology as the system is self-regenerating and therefore sustainable.

Bioo should be sending out their first delivery by December 2016. The venture has banked on crowd-funding to make their project a success. They have already surpassed the target and raised more than 550% of the funds required. The project will remain open for investment for another 23 days.

Now, isn’t this amazing !

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