BioRing – now a ring to track your wellness !

BioRing – now a ring to track your wellness !
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Bogged down by soaring weight and stress levels? Now an easy way to track changes in your health status.

BioRing has come up with new innovation in the health and fitness sector. This wellness tracker in the form of a ring can help in getting accurate measurement related to nutrition and health. It has a team of experts from Sweden, USA, China, Germany, Canada and Denmark with expertise in the fields of electronics, software, hardware, and logistics.

This ring measures calorie intake, protein intake, fat intake, heart rate, sleep & stress levels etc.

The ring functions through three different sensors- 3-Axis Accelerometer, Bio-Impedance, Optical HR sensor which provides a complete and clear picture of the body and its diet. Unlike other fitness brands, this ring also measures the calorie intake which is another critical part in order to understand how much calories are required to be burned.

It can help in losing weight, maintain weight, keep body hydrated, and reduce stress among other features. It is scratch- and water- proof and is designed to suit everyone.

It can be connected to Android and IOS through which a person can monitor his/her progress.

It also has open Application Programming Interface (API) which will be accessible to developers by early next year to optimize it further.

BioRing targets to start assembly line production and shipping by November 2016.

The startup has a target of raising US $50,000 out of which they have already raised US $15,374 with still a month in hand.

Some more details below:

Team: Michael Johnson (Algorithm Developer), James Lee (Software & Design) and David Zarifian (Hardware & Manufacturing).


Technical Specifications:


  • 3-axis accelerometer (measures body movements)
  • Optical heart rate monitor uses LED
  • Bio – impedance sensor

Vibration motor                                                       

  • Utilizes MEMS – technology
  • SAR level – 2.7mW at maximum. BioRing uses lower power outputs with the currents design, normally 1.1mW.

Material: Ceramic zirconium, scratch proof made of the premium ceramic compound. Has no metals on the inside, thus feels natural on the skin

Sizes available: 6-13 (US sizes)

Weight: 14-17 g depending on size

Waterproof to 1 ATM (10 m)

Bluetooth Smart uses data encryption for safety

Battery: Lithium – Polymer 35mAh

Battery time: Up to 7 days

Charging time: Max 1 hour, 80 % of battery should last after 150 charges

Operating temp: -20°C – 65°C (-4°F – 149°F)

Charging station uses Qi – wireless charging

Compatibility:  iOS 8 and Android 4.4 or later, using Bluetooth®smart (working on making it compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 and later)


  • Ring thickness: 3.55 mm (0.14 in)
  • Ring width: 11.7 mm (0.46 in)
  • Ring diameter (inside): 16.45 mm to 21.4 mm (0.65 in to 0.84 in)
  • Charging station diameter on the bottom: 110 mm (4.33 in)
  • Charging station height: 22 mm (0.87 in)


BioRing is at present one of the most advanced and useful tracker which has all the characteristics of being a Game Changer in the market of fitness trackers!

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