British Tech Startup Develops Multifunction Antenna For Laptops

British tech start-up develops multi-function antenna for laptops
British tech start-up develops multi-function antenna for laptops

A British Tech startup Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT)  has created first of its kind, a multi-function antenna for laptops that combines Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G/4G LTE and WiGig — multi-gigabit per second wireless speed — in one unit.

The antenna is developed by the team of scientists from University of Birmingham, UK.The new SAT antenna fits into the extremely limited space of the hinge cavity and has the capacity to replace as many as five separate antennas found in a standard laptop.

The founder of SAT, Sampson Hu, said that current antennas cannot be placed immediately next to each other because of signal interference which results in reduced performance.

Dr Hu, who has raised a total of £3.3 million from investors to develop SAT’s antenna system, said“Within the current laptop, the antennas for Wi-Fi or a mobile signal need to be separate so there is no interference of frequencies. If the laptop has a metal casing then it is impossible to embed an antenna on the top of laptop screen or motherboard and the antenna must sit in the hinge cavity”.

The laptop manufacturers can only fit two conventional antennas in hinge cavity due to its limited space.If conventional antennas are brought in close proximity then interference occurs which degrades efficiency and increases battery usage, Hu added.

Hu also noted that if a laptop has metallic covers, there is no space left to locate the second conventional Wi-Fi antenna and 3G/4G LTE antennas.Also there is no Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) function to provide increased data download rates.

“That is the problem we have overcome with our integrated MIMO antenna system. All the antennas are combined together as one single system. The patented MIMO antenna system improves both data download rates and battery life”,Hu said.

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