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7 ventures changing the face of wellness tech industry

7 ventures changing the face of wellness tech industry
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Wellness Tech is bursting hot right now and there’s no dearth of ventures taking a shot at imaginative products aiming to change the substance of human services. That is something to be thankful for, considering people around the globe are as unfit as ever. As innovation develops, it could help alleviate some of the health issues that plague our lives. Consumer-driven health services are becoming increasingly popular with the ease with which they allow us to track our wellness. Below, we will be looking at some of the wellness startups that could actually turn out to be game changers !

Bloom Health

Bloom Health is changing the way you employers offer medical coverage to their employees. Founded in 2009, Blossom Health offers employers an approach to give their employees relevant alternatives for medical, dental and vision coverage.

Employers set aside an amount of cash for each employee for their coverage needs. Bloom Health then allows employees to choose the plan that suits their personal and family needs using Bloom Health’s personality report. This also helps achieve cost predictability for employees while offering flexibility to employees to choose a coverage as per their requirements. The personality report is a result of a quiz that employees have to undertake to understand their individualised requirements. It also lets them compare and pick alternative arrangements through a click of a button.


In the event that you’ve ever thought you need an emotional wellness expert but are bogged down by the troubles of of getting an appointment, driving there and getting sucked into a promise, iCouch is for you. It’s a Web application that bridges the gap between people looking for wellness advise with specialists who commonly charge between $65 and $90 for 50 minutes of video visit time. The application, at iCouch.me can be utilised by means of the Web on your webcam-empowered desktop or portable workstation. iCouch is helping organisations, doctor’s facilities, and insurance agencies to give psychological well-being services to their workers, patients, and clients. It has more than 5,000 paid clients, has around 15 advisors for each week on its database of a few hundred from around the world.

Cake Health

If you get a layman explain a doctor’s facility bill, the answer you’ll frequently get is a blank gaze. That is precisely how Rebecca Woodcock, prime supporter of Cake Health, burnt out in the wake of viewing a companion stuck in an unfortunate situation because of a medical condition.

Cake Health offers clients an approach to track, compose and comprehend their hospital expenses and protection arrangements. When you enter your medical services data into your own and secure record, you can precisely see where your cash is going and even track your deductibles and cases history. Cake Health likewise offers clients alarms and updates for things like conceivable cheats, achieving your deductible and solution refills.


Envision you’re on your weekend and your kid becomes ill and you have to take him to a specialist who doesn’t instantly have access to his medical records to know about pre-existing conditions. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the capacity to pull up your youngster’s medical history data right from any Web program or on your iPhone at whatever point you require it? On the other hand what about submitting your kid’s medical records to her school attendant without approaching your specialist? MotherKnows gives you a chance to do these things and works by gathering your kids’ medical records from any therapeutic supplier and changing over the information into a smooth portable wellbeing record. All guardians need to do is sign an electronic discharge. MotherKnows is $9.95 a month or $98 a year for one kid with rebates for extra youngsters.


Iconic data’s SwiftPayMD

SwiftPayMD, Iconic Data’s new iPhone and iPad application, gives specialists a chance to leverage real-time data transmission and speech and video sensor-based data capture technologies for billing process and charging codes instantly in the wake of inspecting a patient. Instead of holding up to hand over a bunch of papers to a charging division personnel including paper billing cards, superbills and encounter forms, doctors can now present a patient’s charging data promptly using his handheld device. The app therefore facilitates revenue management cycle through a cashless mechanism to avoid hassles that come with using paper including lost charges, excessive charge lags, and avoidable claim denials. It likewise accelerates the payment process; doctors get paid as much as 14 days sooner than when utilising a paper procedure. SwiftPayMD charges $99 every month to the specialists for its services.

Patients Know Best

Ever had the wish you know more about your wellbeing history than your specialist? Patients Know Best gets at this issue by giving patients access to all their medical records at any time of the day and gives them a chance to get care from specialists who might be situated over the world however can read things like blood test outcomes remotely. It also lets doctors get access to therapeutic records of their patients that would ordinarily be caught in other healing facility or center IT frameworks.  So far PKB has been doing admirably in the U.K. where a few top healing centers have been advancing it with patients. The start-up has landed one substantial U.S. healing center as a client. It also has dispatched a cell phone API that permits designers to make new HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of US) and DPA (Data Protection Act of UK) consistent applications.


The Dallas, Texas-based medical services organisation offers a patent pending innovation that connects doctor’s facilities and blood centres across the country to guarantee effective stream of life-sparing blood items to patients in need. It provides hospitals direct access to a diversified base of industry-leading blood centers and ensures that the acute care facilities avoid overpaying for blood products or encountering supply shortages. On the other hand, it enables blood centres to reach and serve a broader base of hospitals and other blood centers across the country; thereby increasing inventory turns, reducing wastage, and accelerating growth in this challenging environment.

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