Omlet Inc hatches handy app for Pokemon Go enthusiasts

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After the release of popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go by Niantic, Mountain View, CA based start-up realized the game would benefit from social features. Omlet Inc. hatches handy app for Pokemon Go enthusiasts.

Omlet Arcade (Pokemon Go Chat) is a new social gaming app launched by Omlet Inc. a start-up founded by serial entrepreneur and Stanford Computer Science Professor Monica Lam and her team of Stanford CS PhD candidates Ben Dodson, Ian Vo and TJ Purtell.

Omlet’s newest app is an overlay of social features that floats on top of any game, so players don’t ever have to leave the app. You just tap the icon and it opens up the tray with an miscellany of options. The features include: chat, live streaming, video recording, and a user-generated community of game content.

“It’s like having a friend look over your shoulder and watching what you caught,” said Ben Rudolph, who works for Omlet in a user satisfaction and marketing capacity. You can not only livestream to the community itself, but even to other apps on your mobile device, like Facebook and Twitch. The fact that all of these features run off of another application, with full support for Pokemon GO, is pretty impressive.

Omlet Inc hatches handy app for Pokemon Go enthusiasts
Omlet Inc hatches handy app for Pokemon Go enthusiasts

For something that’s only available on Android right now in beta, the feature list is actually unexpectedly robust and had about 22 million active users in the United States on July 20, 2016 according to SurveyMonkey.

The overlay app has proven trendy with more than 600K downloads in the last month. Omlet expects the number to reach gigantic heights as Pokemon Go expands to other countries.

The startup has worked for adding missing necessary social features and thus, giving the game a necessary meta-framework that ties everyone together. It has transformed the single player experience that we’re all collectively taking part in alone simultaneously to an interactive one, by the accumulation of social features.

Article Source – mercurynews

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