Indian Startups, for whom every day is a Environment Day!

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Every year June 5th is observed as World Environment Day. United Nation (UN) calls for a worldwide campaign to take a strong action to protect the planet and its biodiversity. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Since a few decades, people are much more aware of the environmental issues and the results than ever before. Every one by what ever means possible, try to spread the awareness, and also they take actions quite frequently now a days. There are entrepreneurs  who have taken a step towards raising awareness about the environmental protection issue. They could have easily invested into an e-commerce startup, or any commercial business for that matter, bringing them tons of profits every year but they chose to take the other path, the path that is certainly not easy and warrants undivided dedication for years to come.

Here are 8 Indian startups which deserve attention for supporting the REAL cause:


Sustain Earth

They have created a resistant, cheap, and easy-to-use method to generate energy from cows’ manure. SustainEarth team is an amalgamation of expertise in renewable energy solutions, conviction to listen, and engage with the rural communities and a passion to impact through sustainable technologies.



Established in 2009, the company operates in East India to provide clean energy solutions to villages. They provide decentralized energy solutions to undeserved households and institutions. Besides, their wide range of solar products, Onergy have also launched new and innovative products like solar TV, solar computer, solar micro grids and solar irrigation systems.


Sumpurne Earth

Initially a Mumbai startup and expanded to the rest of the country, this social enterprise promote waste recycling as well as waste pickers’ dignity. For biodegradable waste they use Biogas plant or Composting, and non-biodegradable waste is channelized to recycling units.

4-GREEN NERDS   Green Nerds

The company has engineered a patent pending idea into an automatic garbage machine to segregate waste into easily manageable blocks. It is fundamentally focused on providing solutions to address the need of current environmental challenges.



A Bengaluru based company that encourages waste management at a hyper local level. They focus on building the capacities of the Institutions like the Municipal Corporation as well as  support progressive policies around waste management.


Paper Waste

Based in Hyderabad, PaperWaste, spreads awareness on usage of paper in our daily life. They pick up paper waste from individual households and corporate and take it to the paper re-cycling mills.


Bee the Change

Taking advantage from the fact that farmers can keep bees only if they grow organic product, founder Shrikant Gajbhiye encourages them to introduce the striped insects in their farms. This, in turn, not only offer an additional source of income from the sale of honey and wax, but it helps increasing the annual yield.

8-ReNew IT

ReNew IT

Founded by IIM Calcutta alumnus in 2009, ReNew IT, collects computers and other electronic devices disposed by big corporate companies which are still in good conditions. After fixing them and clear the data, they sell it back to the market at a very reasonable price. The primary goal of our company is to increase the number of high-quality, low-cost PCs and related parts and accessories available to Students, NGOs, Small Businesses and other users.

Overall, Indian startups are heading to a more eco-friendly setups as a step towards a cleaner and greener environment. Let us all unanimously stand and every bit of the action possible to protect our environment to have a real celebration of World Environment Day.

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