Helping farmers make right decisions, Kisanhub raises $1M

Kisanhub raises $1M
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Agriculture tech based, decision support startup Kisanhub raises $1M as seed funding.

The Cambridge, UK-based startup, Kisanhub leverages big data, cloud computing and machine learning, to help farmers and agricultural enterprises make informed decisions. KisanHub powers pre-emptive and proactive agri-business decisions in a complex operating environment. Kisanhub helps in monitoring plot-level applied irrigation, nutrient deficiencies, diseases and crop stress. It obbtains derived data from satellite imagery of farms and order highly contextual indices customized to the farmer’s need

The round of funding was led by Notion Capital with current customer and strategic partner NIAB. The funds as per reports shall be used for further research, sales, and customer delivery.

KisanHub COO and co-founder Giles Barker, said: ‘’There is a growing need for solutions to help farmers deliver sustainable growth. This investment will give us the ability to enhance and deliver our offering to a greater number of these farmers both in the UK and internationally.”

Co-founder and CEO Sachin Shende says “grow more and use less”. Asked to explain how crunching this type of data translates into practical farming, the KisanHub CEO and ex-farmer says that it could involve blending farm location, crop, and weather data to forecast pest or disease infestation on a particular crop. The advantage here is that identifying risk and early spraying helps reduce the amount of pesticides sprayed on a crop and also reduce yield losses. “KisanHub blends diverse datasets like farm, crop, operation records, weather, satellite, commodities, farm machinery, sensors, among others, to provide data-driven decision points,” he  added.

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