Lifesum: a digital startup that helps you lead a healthy life

Lifesum: a digital startup that helps you lead a healthy life
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A Stockholm based health startup, Lifesum (formerly known as ShapeUp Club) helps in improving health by developing a balanced lifestyle for people thereby improving quality of life in the long run. They are currently live on an App based platform with available in both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The app till date has seen more than 15 million users and has tailor made plans for users which can be used for different requirements such as losing weight, living healthy life etc.


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How does it Work:

All you need to do is download the app and then create an account with following details:

  • Choose a Goal: whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just want to lead a healthy life style.
  • Enter some of your personal details such as Gender, Date of Birth, Height and Weight.lifesum working

After this you have a choice, whether you want to get only guidance on daily intake or you want set a goal and track it.

If you want to set a goal and track it, then you will need to provide updates on what will be your target goal, and how you would like to monitor progress for e.g. if you decide to set up a target on losing weight then you can decide how much weight to lose and basis the time frame basis, it will set weekly goal which the user can monitor periodically to track progress.

User has an option of registering either through social media credentials or can have direct sign up.

Lifesum has confirmed that they have raised US $10 million, majority of which is invested by Nokia Growth Partners followed by Draper Espirit, Bauer Media Group and SparkLabs Global Ventures.

Earlier in 2014, Lifesum had raised US $6.7 million from Bauer Media Group and SparkLabs Global Ventures.

Lifesum is led by Henrik Torstensson who was previously Head of sales in Spotify.

With recent fundings in place, Lifesum plans to invest in hiring new employees and product development with focus on Europe and the US.

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