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Pokemon Go launched in 26 more countries, Asia still deprived

Pokemon Go lanuched in 26 more countries
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Niantic Labs, on Saturday, launched game changer game for them ‘Pokemon G’ in 26 other countries. Unfortunately non of them are Asian. In a Facebook post by the company, we got to know that the new launches have been done only in the European nations. The game got much in to much news and discussions right after it launched.

The logic behind Pokemon Go’s launch strategy is still not certain. Some assumptions and counters we go through are “Do they rank countries by adoption rate? Do they launch in small countries to avoid overloading their servers? Is there a language barrier? Are they afraid Asian users won’t buy stuff in-app? Why not just make it more equitable by spreading out the launches across the globe?”.

For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality based free-to-play game that lets gamer travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon. In this game, Pokémon have been discovered on Earth, and user have to use their smartphone’s camera and GPS functionality, to find and capture them as they walk around in real life. User can also find PokéStops in the app while walking by landmarks including “museums, art installations, historical markers, and monuments”, and stock up Poké Balls and other items. Finally, gamer will have to find a Gym and defeat its owner to claim the Gym as their own.

People in the Asian countries are still waiting for the launch in their respective countries.  However, this hasn’t been able stop many a fan in the continents, from playing the game. The Android and the Iphone users were able to locate the APK file, and this is driving them crazy.  The game has been so popular that it comes close to surpassing Twitter in daily active users, and Nintendo’s value has increased by $6 billion because of it. The reason of it getting famous is can be tied to the very concept of Pokémon itself.

The game is perhaps the most successful implementation of augmented reality yet. Its failure to launch in Japan though has frustrated longtime Pokémon fans.

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