ReGrained – A startup turning the leftover into delicious snacks!!!

ReGrained delicious food snacks
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Whenever we are out there shopping fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, we usually become selective and wince at the bruised or the oddly shaped ones skipping those to reach out to the ones we finally pick. Yes, we are picky about the perfectly shaped and finer of the lot. This means that the skipped ones through nutritious food are left behind to rot.

Food waste from grocery stores, restaurants, and households across the country is becoming ringing bells, and not just for foodies. It’s estimated that around 50 percent of the food won’t end up in people’s stomach. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are re-purposing and repackaging leftover materials into new products.

After brewers soak barley or other grains in hot water and extract the liquid to make beer, they’re left with a lot of spent grain on their hands. Most rural breweries, like haul the byproduct to feed the grain to animals or recycle it as compost. But for smaller breweries in urban areas, miles away from hungry pigs, figuring out what to do with the leftovers isn’t always easy.

The company REGRAINED with log stating “Eat Your Beer” turns that spent grain into snack bars. Now isn’t this exciting !

Cameron Schwartz explained how his brother and buddies—all home-brewers—decided to open a business that takes beer byproducts and bakes them into bars. So far, ReGrained has worked with three breweries in the Bay Area.

“It’s been really nice working with ReGrained to see an actual, viable product from something we were essentially throwing away,” said Phil Meeker of Triple Voodoo Brewery in a video from the ReGrained website.

ReGrained’s founders say they want to eventually bake cookies, cereals, and chips with the spent grains.

Source: Mother Jones

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