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There are people who usually scribble, and often in spite of their willingness to preserve, they lose it. Those who write, also want people to read and appreciate their content. Challenge is the mode, how their skills come to the sight of people. The most common medium like books is more capital intensive than other modes available. The present era of advancements in technology and internet have made writing more desirable today than ever before. With the help of blogging platforms, one can write, showcases, and preserve the content for as long as he/she wants.

Building your own blog is the cheapest source, we would say, in comparison to other modes. One just need to get a domain name he/she (www.xyz.com) wants, a hosting platform, and an integrated wordpress platform. With the help of tutorials available on a number of web sources, one would realize that the task is easy.

Selection of WordPress, as a platform to begin blogging, has to be proceeded with the decision of how there platform would look like. We have shortlisted a few themes to make an impressible blog portal which are:-

  1.  Solopreneur

solopreneurView Demo PNG

2. Simpletonsimpleton

View Demo PNG

3. QoonqoonView Demo PNG4. MyBlog

myblogView Demo PNG5. Merapi

merapiView Demo PNG6. Lucid

lucidView Demo PNG7. Ink-A

inkView Demo PNG8. Ink – Elegant Magazine

ink (1)View Demo PNG9. Gratefulgrateful

View Demo PNG10. Bookletbooklet

View Demo PNG

The above themes can be used either by an individual or a group of writers. Why to have a force to pull you to write, when you can build your own writing space with all these simple and elegant themes.


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