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SV.CO’s dual move to support students for their first entrepreneurial adventure

SV.CO’s dual move to support students for their first entrepreneurial adventure
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SV.CO, the digital business incubation platform or the digital makeover of Startup Village plans to introduce a free online course related to all aspects of entrepreneurship. SV.CO went live last week and aims to launch the first of its kind all-encompassing course on the country’s Independence Day. The course aims to bring best industry practices to engineering students to fulfil their startup dreams.

Registrations will be accepted online at and will not cost a rupee. Participation will be open for students in any year of college.

The program doesn’t stop here. Notably, SV.CO has plans to launch a highly competitive and intensive Silicon Valley Programme which will run for six months and will focus on providing a platform for students to develop real products and go live with them while still in college.

According to Sanjay Vijayakumar, Chairman of Startup Village, “The Silicon Valley programme is quite ambitious in its contents and objectives. We will expect students enrolled in this programme to accomplish the objective of building a quality startup within 6 months.”

Being online, the course is expected to expand capacity to provide online courses to around five million students in 3500 engineering colleges across the country.

“It will give a huge impetus to student entrepreneurial ecosystem in India with its dual strategy of both quality and quantity.  We want to inspire students to create startups which can be the next Google, Facebook and Apple from our college campuses.” Mr. Vijayakumar told an online daily.

The course structure is quite distinct in that only team participation is accepted; textbook education and exam based system of grading is missing. SV.CO can accept upto 100 team applications in its first year.

“In the world of internet, students don’t have to learn formulae by heart or write exams but can show real products build using real technology to real customers. A global exposure to Silicon Valley will tremendously enhance confidence of our youth that they can build truly global Indians companies” Mr. Vijayakumar elaborated.

Notably, the average and maximum salary for SV.CO students who created startups in college was Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 12 lakhs respectively surpassing the salary of average software job of around Rs. 3.5 lakhs per annum. The average valuation of a student startup, which gets into an accelerator, is Rs one crore.

“It does not matter if you are from a village or a town; you need to have hunger to succeed, and we will help you learn to build your future and of the nation” Mr. Vijayakumar said, in a message to the aspiring student-entrepreneurs.

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