Tired of turning pages? Meet Khabri, your everyday news streaming app!

Tired of turning pages? Meet Khabri, your everyday news streaming app !
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Most of us are quite addicted to our music streaming apps despite the option of listening music on the go with the private FM channels or downloads. And that’s because they give us numerous options with the comfort of selecting and building our own playlist.

What if there was a way to build our own NEWS playlist too? As a corporate professional, I wouldn’t have to tirelessly wait for the business news while scouting through the pages of a newspaper or for that matter the substitute text news apps available these days.

Well, wait no more. Khabri is a mobile application which enables the users to listen to summarized news on the go, that too with the option of building their own preferred playlist.

Another problem that Khabri intends to solve is that of taking out additional time for the newspapers or reading through the news apps. With Khabri, you can listen to the top and trending news which are summarized and recorded by professional voice over artistes. Thus, Khabri allows you to listen to the news as per your convenience, even squeezing that during your travel time which is barely possible through traditional text-based channels.

Fortunately, we had a chance to connect with one of the co-founders of Khabri. Below, Pulkit Sharma of Khabri shares his interesting journey of founding the unique news streaming app and plans of growing it.

Tell us about KHABRI and how did you think of starting something like this?

Khabri is a mobile application which enables the users to listen to summarized news on the go and thus keep them updated with all the latest news without having to take out additional time. Top and trending news articles are summarized and then recorded by professional voice over artistes, which the users can listen to as per their convenience. Every article is less than 1 minute long and thus the users can have the crux of what’s happening around the world within minutes.

Dhruv (the other co-founder) and I used to travel from north Delhi to Gurgaon for our jobs. Essentially, we were wasting a lot of time commuting to our workplaces. In order to utilize our traveling time in an interesting manner, we thought of a service that would provide audio news based on users’ interest and that’s how we came up with Khabri.

Why do you think market needs something like KHABRI today? In other words, what gap in the market does KHABRI aim to fill?

Private FM channels in India are not allowed to broadcast news and government FM channels broadcast limited news headline and that too at fixed time during the day. So there was no platform providing audio news based on users’ interest as and when required.

Tell us about the usage of KHABRI, its interface and what makes it user-friendly?

While designing the application we gave extra attention to the ease of use. For example by just single tapping the play latest button, the app starts playing all the latest news back to back. So that is just a tap to get everything. User can also create a news playlist of their interest by simply tapping on plus ‘+’ on news card.

To make the app intuitive we have kept the overall interface like a music player.

Another problem that we have solved is to make the app usable while driving. It is difficult for most of us to take calls while driving let alone read through news on text-based apps / websites on our smartphones. Keeping that in mind, we have made the app to sync perfectly with the car audio system so that users can drive hassle free and control app via steering mounted audio controls.

How does KHABRI stand out against its competitors in the market?

At Khabri we primarily focus on two things. First and foremost is delivering quality content. For that our content editors pick latest and most relevant news stories across the world. Second is experience around the app, for which we have a team of premium voice over artistes, not relying on the automated text to speech conversion. This way the app provides a great news listening experience.

Also we have worked on resolving pain points of Indian users with features like lower data consumption, offline mode allowing you to listen news without internet by downloading it beforehand and compatibility with car audio system.

What are the expansion plans for KHABRI? What next?

At this stage, we will focus on adding more content to cater to a wider audience. In future, we have plans to add features such as personalized news feed for every user based on his/her interest and introducing regional content in regional languages.

How has been the journey so far? Has life been challenging as a startup?

Our journey has been pretty exciting.  Right from leaving our comfortable jobs to launching the first version of Khabri, there have been lots of first time experiences.

Definitely, life has been challenging as a startup and there have been lots of instances where we were faced with an up-hill task, but when you believe in what you are doing and you have right mentors to guide, then you will always be able to overcome those challenges.

What is that one piece of advice that you would like to give to entrepreneurs like yourself? Any words of wisdom for them?

You should be very clear about what value addition you are bringing to the table or what is the problem you are trying to solve. Ask yourself the right questions. Be very clear about the short term and long term goals. You need to understand that great companies are not build overnight. And that you should trust yourself more than anybody else when running a startup,

What has been your motivation throughout?

Best motivation is when a user tells you about how Khabri is addressing their pain point in terms of getting relevant news and the fact that they always wanted an app like Khabri.

What is the importance of customer satisfaction for your business?

In app-based business, customer satisfaction is the most important factor that determines your success because the moment user feels your app is not adding value they will just uninstall it. So you have to constantly work towards staying relevant and adding value to users’ lives.

How important is failure for a successful business? 

We believe failure is the stepping stone to success and its very important that you learn from your failures and incorporate those learnings in your journey ahead.

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