Hourly employee scheduling startup ‘When I Work’ attracts $15Mn from Drive Capital

Hourly employee scheduling startup When I Work attracts $15Mn from Drive Capital
Chad Halvorson, chief executive of When I Work Inc., the St. Paul software firm

As of 2014 there are millions of employees that work hourly and a new crop of businesses out there are using mobile technology to minimize this hassle for these “desk-less workers” and their managers.

When I Work Inc., the St. Paul software firm whose app is an increasingly popular tool for scheduling work at small businesses and temporary jobs, just attracted $15 million in a Series B round led by Drive Capital bringing the company’s total financing to date to $24 million.

It is not only for scheduling but the employees can also use the service to “clock in” with their smartphone. Mangers can also integrate the tools into their payroll mechanism.

“When I Work’s traction speaks for itself,” said Nick Solaro, a partner at Drive Capital. “The team built an exemplary product that addresses all-too-common operational issues for the hourly worker and employer alike.”

The company’s platform now reaches 2 million employees at 50,000 workplaces including some 15,000 nurses and on-demand services like Munchery, Foodpanda, and Uber’s community service team. They expect to double the number of people at the company to about 200 over the next 18 months and that they are looking for new office space, potentially in Minneapolis. “We’ve got it narrowed down to a handful of locations,” Chief Executive Chad Halvorson said.

The company is planning to use the additional funding, according to founder and CEO Chad Halvorson, to “double-down on communication and collaboration tools purpose-built for the hourly workforce” and “to aggressively acquire engineering, product, and sales and marketing talent.”

The company is striving to become the digital work-calendar provider to millions of people who have hourly full- and part-time jobs, what Halvorson calls the “deskless workforce.” The firm has a five-star-rated iPhone app and has grown from 12 to 100 employees in a little over two years.

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