Trello- Your Personal Manager

Trello- Your Personal App Manager

Trello, founded by Joel Spolsly (Fog Creek’s founder), was launched in 2012 as a web based application. The app acts as a tool for project management i.e. from business organization’s large scale projects to one’s personal tasks, Trello can be used to manage everything that too for free.

Trello is a great web-app that is both simple and easy to use. Talking about the app, it is based on three key elements namely boards, lists and cards. A board is used to house a project, product, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. It’s almost like a digital whiteboard to all your Post-it note tasks. You can use a different board per project, per team member or you can use just a single board for personal project. Within board are lists, which simply give you columns to organize your tasks into lists. Cards on the other hand are like to-do items which populate your list.

Overall, this app is a digital workplace that works like a whiteboard or handy sticky notes. It gives you a panorama over all your projects, at work and at home. All one needs to do to enjoy its services!!

As Joel Spolsky himself said,

“It’s a horizontal product which aims to make project management easy and enjoyable.”

Media Reviews:

“A must have app for work management programmes”– Wall Street Journal

“Love planning stuff and setting reminders by sticking notes on a pinboard, you’ll love Trello”-Times of India


Additional information:

– Available on Android, IOS and web browser
-Current Version
-Size 14.02 MB
-Installs 1 million+

“Trello is a must have app for all those who are facing task management problems and want time efficiency in their work management.”

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