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Uber’s row with Karnataka government stretches: Officials deny receiving licence application

Uber's row with Karnataka government stretches: Officials deny receiving licence application
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Uber is an American multinational online transportation network company with it’s headquarters in San Francisco, California. Its ride-hailing service is available in over 66 countries and 449 cities worldwide.

In a recent row, the Karnataka Road and Transport Department has refused to accept Uber’s licence application whereas Ola’s application has been accepted.

In past few weeks the battle has gotten uglier. According to some sources, the Department didn’t accept the papers because they were not in order and that their agreement with the cab operators had just one signature where it requires at least two signatures.

According to Bhavik Rathod, General Manager of Uber Bengaluru, the company went to submit the documents but the RTO inspector did not accept the application and the company has also sent them the letter in order to seek the explanation behind rejection of application.

In reply to this, Karnataka’s Transport Department has offered to accept Uber’s papers at any of the 10 RTOs in the city if it lacks faith in any particular RTO thereby denying company’s claims of having received application papers from Uber.

“If Uber’s executives perceive bias with any particular RTO in the city , they are free to visit another RTO office and have their taxis inspected. They are not restricted by any jurisdiction issues,” Transport Commission Rame Gowda told an online daily.

The problems Uber has been facing aren’t confined to Bengaluru. The Delhi District Court has ordered CEO ‘Travis Kalanick’ and Uber India head ‘Amit Jain’ to appear before court on the allegations of illegal operation in the state.

According to media reports, the confusion really happened over signatures. On the documents presented – Uber maintains only e-contracts with their driver partners, who are the permit holders. While e-contracts are valid legally, the Transport Department says that the documents were declined because they had not met the mandates by law.

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